2-FIELD TRIP #2 - Conservation and Restoration successes of the lower Columbia in Washington

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Friday, April 14 This field trip will take participants along the Columbia River corridor in Washington, first heading to Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge (https:// www.fws.gov/refuge/steigerwald-lake), following a 2- year closure and $31 million floodplain habitat restoration project. The site is home to native freshwater mussels, salmon and steelhead, and a variety of bird life. Following a tour hosted by USFWS staff, the field trip will continue on to Cape Horn for stunning views of the Columbia Gorge (hike optional, with stops at the overlook: https://gorge friends.org/hike-the-gorge/cape-orn.html). The trip also is less than an hour's drive from the hotel and will allow time for participants to enjoy some of the highlights of the Washington side of the Columbia River.

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